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There’s a word thrown around in dentistry quite a bit, and that word is plaque. Would you like to learn more about it? Here are some frequently asked questions about plaque and their answers:

What is plaque?
Plaque is a sticky biofilm that on your teeth due to bad bacteria that live in your mouth.

How does plaque grow?
The bacteria in your mouth use ingredients that they find in your food and saliva to create plaque.

How does plaque hurt my teeth?
Plaque contains acid which slowly breaks down your tooth enamel, leading to cavities. Plaque can also harden into what is called tartar. When this forms around your gumline, it gives plaque more surface areas in which to grow and becomes a serious contribution to gum disease. Tartar can form in a single day and can even stain your teeth. Only a dentist will be able to remove tartar from your teeth.

What can I do to fight plaque?
The main thing to do is to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once. You’ll also want to visit Dr. Olivia Park once every six months for a dental cleaning so that any tartar can be safely removed. Those tasks are the bare minimum for a healthy smile, but if you’d like your smile to be amazing, consider changing your diet, chewing sugarless gum after meals, brushing three times a day, or adding mouthwash to your daily routine.

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