1110 E Lerdo Hwy #200, Shafter, CA 93263


We thank you for selecting our practice and your referral of others is truly appreciated. Our “Care to Share” referral program is designed to both thank you and to help educate your friends and family members about our practice.

What is Care to Share

Many of you refer people to our office every day and we wanted to show our appreciation by developing this special program. Please consider passing along one of our enclosed Care to Share cards to friends or family members so that they can join our growing family practice.

Here’s how it works

Please print a card below. Write your name on the Care to Share cards and pass them along to friends, co-workers, or family members who may be interested in getting their teeth cleaned, dental implants, smile restoration, or other general dental treatment. Ask them to call and set-up an appointment. Tell them to bring the card with them for their visit, so we will know to thank you in a very special way. You will get the option of a Target, Starbucks, or Visa gift card. The choice is yours and feel free to refer as many people as you want. Thank you so much for your continued support of our dental practice.

1110 E Lerdo Hwy #200
Shafter, CA 93263


The person who gave you this card wants to SHARE-A-SMILE! This person has cared enough to share the benefits of our office with you. Please present this card when you come into our office for your new patient visit and to choose from one of the following:

Target, Starbucks or Visa Gift Card

Referring Patient _______________________________________

Has shared-a-smile with ______________________________________

We believe that once you visit Adept Dental Shafter you will want to SHARE-A-SMILE too!



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