Brightening Your Pearly Whites

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Want to add a little extra angelic glow to your smile? Here are your options:

Whitening Toothpastes

Whitening toothpastes have special bleaching agents that gently break down stains, somewhat like laundry stain removal does to your clothing. Even ADA tested products only remove stains on the surface; they cannot change the color of your teeth. It usually takes several weeks of diligent use to notice a difference. Be sure to look for the ADA seal of acceptance. These brands with this logo have been rigorously tested by the American Dental Association. You can trust their effectiveness.

In-Office Bleaching

Adept Dental Shafter in Shafter, California offers in-office bleaching, also called chairside bleaching. Dr. Thomas Gordon or Dr. Olivia Park will first use a device to protect your gums. Then he or she will apply a special bleaching gel to your teeth. This treatment is very safe and incredibly effective and it only takes one visit. Call us at 661-746-6989 to schedule an appointment.

At-Home Bleaching

Some oral hygiene companies sell whitening products that bleach teeth with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide which come in gel form and are placed in a tray or on strips that fit your teeth. The concentration is less powerful than that of our dental office and therefore will take several applications to achieve the whitening effect you desire.

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