When you lose teeth, your supporting bone begins to deteriorate. Over time, this can cause your remaining teeth to become unstable and may prevent you from receiving dental implants to replace your missing teeth. Dr. Olivia Park provides bone grafting treatments to help you regain healthy bone so that you can maintain a strong foundation for your teeth and implants.

Bone grafting is an oral surgery procedure that is recommended when your jawbone is not thick or dense enough to support your teeth. It is often recommended prior to implant placement to help ensure that your implants will remain stable in your mouth. Our dentist may also recommend a bone graft if periodontal disease or another condition has caused bone loss in your jaw.

When you receive a bone graft, our dentist will transplant a piece of bone from another section of your jaw or body to your jawbone. Your jawbone will then grow together with the grafted bone tissue. This helps create a stronger, more stable foundation for your smile. This healing and integration process may take several months. Our dentist and team will provide you with detailed post-op care instructions to help you recover following your treatment.

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