Comprehensive Dental Exams: All You Need to Know

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Your upcoming dental check up at Adept Dental Shafter will have two sections. The first section will be the dental cleaning, and the second section will be the comprehensive dental exam. Today, our dental team would like to tell you more about the comprehensive dental exam in Shafter, California, so you can feel more prepared in the dental chair.

Your exam will be provided after your dental cleaning. One of our skilled dentists, Dr. Olivia Park and Dr. Thomas Gordon will inspect every aspect of your mouth, including the teeth, gums, and underlying bone. This inspection is important because it involves your dentist checking for dental issues that might not be noticeable to you. At the end of the exam, they will perform an oral cancer screening, which is just a precaution that involves searching for any signs of oral cancer.

Your dental exam is very important. In fact, it’s more important than you might think. For instance, it can help you avoid major dental issues. Gum disease is a dangerous problem that doesn’t have extremely noticeable symptoms. If you’re not careful, it can destroy your smile and oral health. So, having an exam every six months can help you detect the disease and treat it before it gets worse.

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