Floss: Waxed vs. Unwaxed

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It’s important that you develop proper habits in your dental hygiene habits in order to preserve your dental health. In addition to brushing your teeth twice every day, we encourage you to floss on a daily basis. When choosing your type of floss, make sure it is one that you will enjoy using every day. Each type of dental floss has benefits, and Dr. Olivia Park can provide you with the differences and perks of waxed and unwaxed floss.

True to the name, waxed floss is coated in wax to make it slide easily between your teeth, enhancing its ability to access close spaces. The wax coating makes it resistant to breaking, which you will appreciate if your floss breaks easily during use. Waxed floss is often flavored for added enjoyment, and you should choose a flavor you like. If you are new to flossing and looking to form a good habit, waxed floss may be the best choice.

Unwaxed floss is thinner because it doesn’t have the waxed coating, which also makes it easy to slide between closely spaced teeth. Without the wax, the floss is not flavored and can break more easily, but patients who don’t enjoy flavor or who are pregnant and can have their nausea triggered by flavored floss prefer unwaxed floss. It also does not contain chemicals such as Teflon and squeaks against your teeth when all the plaque has been removed, letting you know when your teeth are clean.

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