Oral Cancer Secrets for a Healthy Smile

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Did you know oral cancer is found in over 42,000 people in the US every single year? As with many types of cancer, successful treatments typically involve finding the cancer in time. The sooner you have an oral cancer screening, the better your chances are for a positive outcome. Listed below are some common symptoms that may clue you in on a potential oral cancer hiding in your body:

One classic symptom of oral cancer is irregularities with your gums. If your mouth is extremely swollen or bleeding over an extended period of time, you should get checked for oral cancer. Look for red, speckled, or white spots along your mouth and gums and crusts or rough spots that tend to stay for a long period of time or continue to come back.

If you have a loss of feeling or numbness in your mouth, face, or neck, oral cancer could be the reason why. Ear pain can also be a symptom, as well as an unusual change in the alignment of your teeth in the gums, and a change in your ability to open and close your mouth effectively. Also, check for an unusual feeling in your throat or difficulties with talking or eating.

If you fear you may be at risk or showing signs of oral cancer, please call us today. Adept Dental Shafter is happy and here to help you with all your oral health needs. For a complete diagnosis from Dr. Park, Dr. Gordon, and our team at our dentist office in Shafter, California, you can schedule an appointment by calling us at 661-746-6989. Helping you have a healthy smile is something we take pride in!