The Common Conundrum of a Cracked Tooth or Molar

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There isn’t a worse feeling than confidently biting into an edible and cracking a tooth on something hard in the center. Have you done this before? Many people have, and it isn’t fun. The culprit could be a stray bone chip hiding in a processed chicken nugget, or the metal utensil you didn’t quite pull out in time.

Accidents occur all the time, and then there are things like chewing ice, or grinding your teeth while you sleep. There are many ways to develop cracks in your teeth. Molars are the most susceptible because of the kind of force that is constantly applied to them by chewing. Most adults have tiny cracks in the surface enamel of their teeth. This are minor, and usually don’t require any treatment. Your dentist may only suggest a polish with an abrasive to smooth them out. Applying a bonding material (resin) is also a quick fix to cover minor cracks and chips.

More serious cracks may require treatment if you are feeling sensitivity or discomfort. If biting down or eating cold or hot food or beverage items causes any alarm, make an appointment to see your dentist and discover the cause. In some scenarios where the tooth damage does not show infection or decay a crown may be the fix. In others, where the inside pulp is infected a root canal might be the right treatment. And in final solution, where the tooth is compromised, extraction may be the only options. In those cases, your dentist can provide a bridge or implant to keep you smiling.

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