What at the Best Methods for Coping with a Tooth Extraction?

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Did you know that tooth extractions require a minimal amount of healing afterward to ensure the wound closes successfully in your mouth? When you prepare for a tooth extraction, it is important to start taking important steps to preparing your body at least 48 hours before and after the extraction surgery. This includes removing any bad habits from your life that can disrupt the treatment, including smoking and chewing tobacco.

After the surgery, get rest and plenty of it. The more you allow your body to rest, the greater the chance that your smile will heal quickly and effectively. You should also make sure your home is set up to allow you to rest easily. This also includes avoiding heavy physical labor or spending time at the gym.

Do not begin eating or drinking anything until the anesthesia has completely worn off, or it could turn into a choking hazard. If your dentist prescribed any medications for you, take as directed and only as directed. If an increase in dosage is needed, speak with your dentist first. As with all dental procedures, follow your dentist’s instructions precisely and in detail.

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